What does a wedding planner do on the day?

A wedding planner and a wedding coordinator are different. A wedding planner will plan your wedding from start to finish where a wedding coordinator will only be there on the day. I offer ‘On the day wedding coordination’ as part of my full wedding planning package or you can hire me for just the day.

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A Lot of couples ask themselves, what does a wedding planner do on the day of their wedding? Well today's blog i am going to talk about that.

I think all planners and coordinators can definitely understand where i am coming from, when i talk about a frustrated couple, couples who want to take everything and have it on their backs, but not realising that having that weight on their shoulders is HUGE - and they regret not taking on a planner to look after the day. SO;

What do we do and why, is such a simple question to answer for us wedding planners, we do it to make things so much easier for you, so you and your partner can enjoy the day without any worries, I mean would you have thought about checking if the napkins are crisp and have no creases? Maybe you have but it would not have been at the top of your list. :)

I start my on the day management by meeting the couple either face to face (when we can) or via Zoom a few months before, this to obviously meet you two and get to know you but also to understand what you have done and what's needs to be done, I then go on to the following for example, just a few points:

  • Reviewing what suppliers need to be paid their balance,

  • Rehearsal dinner

  • Transport for guests

  • Accommodation

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Once I have all the little details, I will create a schedule of the day for all suppliers and the wedding party, so everyone is on the same page on who is arriving when and with what, i will coordinate suppliers arrival and departure times and make sure they have turned up along with having the right items that they need and that you requested.

On the day, we are normally there early to make sure that all the tables, table plans, place cards are all in the right place, the cutlery hasn't got an smudges on them and the right drinking glasses are laid, the right starters are with the right guests and the drinks are all ready and cold, but its not just the suppliers and vendors that i look after whilst you getting ready. I will be popping in and out to you and your partner to make sure everything is going according to plan, your attire is all ironed, your wedding party is happy and that there are no arguments ( I will mediate). I will also have my Wedding Day Emergency kit with me for any mishaps.

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The last thing that any couples wants on their wedding day is to be looking over the schedule, contacting late suppliers and communicating with the venue and bout the breakfast, its great if you have someone in your wedding party that can help, but on the day they are going to want to enjoy the day with you and not have to worry about disappearing off to assist with an urgent matter.

Having someone on the day making sure it is all going to plan will take that weight off your shoulders, so you and your new spouse can enjoy the WHOLE day together without having to miss anything.

Above is just a small amount of things that we do, there is so much to coordinate for your day.

So the question is Do you want to be stressed on your day????

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