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What does a Wedding Planner Cost, UK

Not sure on what a wedding planner does and how much does a wedding planner cost in the UK, i am about to tell you

A brief description on ‘What does a wedding planner do’?

A wedding planner is someone who offers a number of wedding planning packages that will assist with your wedding planning.

Full Wedding Planning - This will involve an experienced wedding planner to plan your wedding from start to finish. Hire Societies role of a wedding planner will plan your wedding from clothing and flowers, to venues for ceremony and breakfast, catering, drink and entertainment, and can even include arranging accommodation, post wedding entertainment & pre wedding. It's definitely a wedding package for the busy modern couple.

Partial Wedding Planning - This is for couples who have pretty much done 90% of the planning and just need help with 2 to 3 wedding suppliers that they have not been able to source. Hire Societies will source the wedding suppliers for you.

On The Day Coordination - Again this package is couples who have done everything but just need someone to make sure the day runs smoothly on the day.

What your Investment costs

‘I can't justify spending so much money on a wedding planner’. I hear this alot from couples getting married. It's important to understand that wedding planners' costs are based on more than just the average wedding time, which is between 250-300 hours. All wedding planners reflect their costs on their business rates, professionalism, time, staff and admin. The only way I can really put it across is, break that investment cost down and divide it by 300, then you need to keep in mind business costs, NI, Pensions, team members, their experience, and what it takes to plan a wedding. Now that you have that “hourly” rate in mind, now ask yourselves, is it still expensive.

You do get cheap wedding planners, but please please bear in mind that they are more likely not a qualified wedding planner.

Tania the founder of Hire Societies, is a qualified and certified Wedding Planner, like yourself. I studied to be what I am. I do not take on an outrageous amount of weddings a year, I like to provide a quality luxury wedding planning service over quantity.

All qualified wedding planners have the expertise in planning weddings in various spaces and buildings. We provide a professional experience to make sure that your day goes smoothly, they are there to help maximize your budgets and work with experienced wedding suppliers, who are trusted.

Investment Costs for Full Wedding Planning

Full Wedding Planning Investment varies from inexperienced wedding planners to experienced luxury wedding planners. You will know the difference in their prices. There is a reason why a luxury wedding planner will charge, but in general they will charge a percentage of the budget, which is an average of 10-15% with a minimum fee. The minimum fee is normally where you would see the difference in experience.

Hire Societies Investment for Full Wedding Planning is between 12-15% of your overall budget. A minimum fee will apply. A set fee can be agreed for larger weddings

Travel & Accommodation expenses may occur. A full quote will be provided after our consultation

Investment Costs for On the Day Coordination

There are many wedding planners that have different investment rates for their services and normally it ranges from £450-2500.00 for the day, cheapest being the most inexperienced wedding planner. Again you need to consider this cost which will include their business rates, expertise and team members involved. We are there to make sure the day is run smoothly.

We will take over your planning from 4-6 weeks prior to your day and make sure that everything is up to date and closed off, making sure the budgets are on track and schedules are all ready to go.

Hire Societies charges a minimum fee from £1500.00 Travel & Accommodation expenses may occur. A full quote will be provided after our consultation

Are you considering a Wedding Planner, then Hire Societies is offering a free one hour consultation. Please drop me an email and we arrange for a zoom call.