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Wedding Trends That Make the Experience Amazing

Weddings are wonderful affairs. Throughout the years we have seen weddings go from seemingly nominal events to over the top, high end parties. Today’s weddings are amazing events to behold and if you have been to a wedding anytime within the past 10 years, you have likely seen specific trends that allow the wedding to stand out. Here are just some of the trends that you can enjoy to make your special day a truly amazing experience.

Taking Video to a Lofted Level Wedding photos are an essential staple in weddings throughout the world. Wedding photographers are in charge of taking the right pictures and making everyone look amazing during the event, but today’s wedding hosts do not want simple stagnant images to commemorate the event. Where the wedding photographer is still a can’t miss attribute, many wedding planners are encouraging couples to invest in videography to make their wedding something to remember. Not only are videographers becoming more in demand, but drone videographers have found their place in the wedding world as well. Drone videographers have the ability to provide a bird’s eye view of the event which can be a very unique way to remember the event.

Katherine and her camera

Bolder Colour Pallets Many years ago, colours chosen for weddings were generally designated in very light, muted tones. Vibrant hues were generally only available for winter weddings where red was a very popular colour. However, weddings today are all inclusive when it comes to colour choices. Gone are the days of simply pale pink taffeta and light coloured roses taking over the room. Wedding planners have reported an influx of vibrant, bold colours. This shift in colour shades is a welcomed change as many of brides and grooms have felt closed in by limited colour options for decorations and attire throughout the wedding and reception.

Photo Booths Are Amazing Finding a way to entertain guests to avoid the possibility of those we love simply eating and leaving the party is essential. Throughout the years, relying on an open bar and music was enough to keep the party going, but today’s wedding guests need something else to keep them entertained. Some people do not like to dance and food only lasts so long, so photo booths have become one of the most important aspects of the modern wedding. Photo booths provide not only entertainment, but a unique keepsake idea for guests. Photo booth hires are easy to set up and can be utilised with minimal electricity requirements, so they are ideal for virtually any wedding venue or reception hall. If you miss out on hiring your own photo booth, you run the risk of limiting the entertainment options of the event. Photo booth hires offer so many amazing benefits and is something that should be included in every wedding and actually every event you choose to host.

Picture Blast

Destination Weddings Weddings have become not merely events, but destinations for family and friends. The thought of getting married in some of the most fantastic places throughout the world is, thankfully, no longer a mere thought. Couples are saying, “I do,” in exotic locations throughout the world and these are not

simple little affairs like in times past where only the closest family and friends are invited. Destination weddings allow families to have the vacation and wedding of their dreams all in one along with their many guests. Even thought coordinating a destination wedding can present certain challenges, wedding planners throughout the world have reported that more couples are footing the bill to have the wedding they desire in the most epic locations.

Not Your Average Everyday Bar A bar at a wedding seems to be a given these days. Toasting the happy couple on their new life is essential, but what exactly are wedding goers in 2021 toasting with. Simple boxed wine and similar surplus spirits are no longer acceptable. High end liquor bars are the trend that has captured the attention of wedding goers today. An emphasis on high end liquor and spirits adds a certain sophistication to the wedding that cannot be provided by a standard bar. High end liquor is here to stay and at the next wedding you attend, enjoy this trend to the fullest. No matter how far we go in life, you can count on weddings to be a part of your yearly social calendar. Whether it is an elaborate affair or a more subdued ceremony, these wedding trends are a part of the landscape, so enjoy your photo booth hires, high end bars, amazingly versatile colour pallets, and your destination weddings. It seems as though these trends are here to stay and we are thankful that in 2021, we are finding ways to celebrate with those we love the most once again.

Photo by Ioana Porav Weddings

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