So if we can be completely honest the majority of 2020 trends can be written off, which is very depressing not just for us event professionals but for all those couples that had planned to get married at the beginning of this year and to be honest we are still very unsure on what this year’s season will bring, but we do know that there has been thousands and thousands of couples who have had to cancel or postponed and looking to wed next year.

I am not sure about you but I am the kind of person who tries to look for the silver lining on everything – I am not a negative thinker always a positive thinker. So today I want to look towards the future and forget about all the negativity that is happening at the moment, this is not good for our mental health, so today I am going to talk about 2021 wedding trends, something to look forward to and start planning for next year…. Out with old in with the new ……

I have come across I number of sites that are predicting the same trend for 2021 and reading through them I would not agree more, I have already had a number of clients requesting some of the trends;

Micro Weddings

I suppose we are not far from that as we speak, but next year trendsetters state that having a micro wedding will be the way to go. Having a more intimate wedding where you can feel relaxed on the day and not having to spend your breakfast saying hello to so many guests and then get caught up with great great uncle Fred.. You want to be able to enjoy the day and feel comfortable, so having a quick ceremony and then relaxed breakfast with no more than approx... 50 guests is much easier to manage too.

Sweet heart tables

This year there seems to be a rise in sweet heart tables and goes with a micro wedding. Having just the two of you on a statement sweetheart table with a gorgeous backdrop and table decor is becoming more and more and will carry on till next year.

Here’s my favourite;

Oversized centrepieces, flowers and decor

So it looks like that even if you’re cutting back and having a micro wedding this does not mean you save on your decor. Next year you will see some extravagant oversized decor from trailing chandeliers to maximalist table settings. What’s that you say, maximalist is having lots of different colours and table decor so it kind of looks overcrowded in away, lots and lots of flowers etc or big centrepieces, tall and lush, my fav……There is also a mention of lights, having lots and lots of lights from chandeliers to 1000’s of fairy lights everywhere….. Go big or go home.


Warm tones seem to be getting a lot of attention along with smaller more relaxed bouquets. Table flowers are becoming more of a design them than just throwing some little items together (obviously each to their own, it’s your day not the floral designers) I love designing unique centrepieces and I adore going big too, so this would be right up my aisle :)

So putting next year’s trend in a nutshell – have the closest people there with you so you can have a good party, which will cut the cost of food etc.. but then you can go all out and have that designer wedding that you want with lots of flowers and that amazing dress.

These are just a couple of trends and there are so many more on the arisen but it’s a start.

Happy planning peeps xx

Photo by Megan McAdam Photographer at Bailiffscourt Hotel and Spa

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