Top 5 Tips to Style Your Wedding Day

So you want to know how to style your wedding, well let me help you.

Designing your dream wedding can be overwhelming, there are so many elements that you need to consider, it's not something that you can just put together like cheesy chips, you need to make sure you have the right bits to bring it together, I mean come on you would not use brie on chips (or would you)! Each to our own, we are allowed to have an unconventional wedding, but the point is, every aspect of your wedding comes down to those details, from the colours and textures of your flowers that may match the tableware to the venue style which should represent your theme. Let me share my tips to style your wedding and what to consider.

Tip 1: Theme

There is so many different themes for your wedding

City chic

Industrial style wedding

Seasonal Wedding

Bohemian wedding

Modern wedding

Outdoor marquee wedding

Rock’n’Roll these are just a few themes.

The theme is to represent you and your partner, for example if you both like heavy metal, a modern wedding theme would not make your day, but if you wanted to add a touch of modernisation into it, you can - again it's all down to your personal choice. Your theme will be throughout the day so your ceremony will represent your theme along with your wedding breakfast.

 As a wedding planner, I like to get to know my couples and then design something based on their personality. 

Tip 2: Colour Pallet

Like themes there are so many colours out there, pastels to vibrant tones, so choosing the right colour is important. Get to know your colour wheel, there are apps out there that you can download which will help with your wheel. Your pallet will play a huge part of your day. Discuss with your partner on what colours you both like, have a look at weddings online and see what captures your eyes, the colour will also represent your personalities too. So if you are both fun vibrant people then having some fun colours incorporated into your theme, but you don't want to over do it with colour too.

Being a wedding stylist, I try to get my couples to pick out their favourite colours, or favourite place and try to incorporate the colours from there.  I like to look around for inspiration using nature or home magazines. 

From Fab Mood

Tip 3: Moodboard

Oh I love a good mood-board, so much fun. I will share with you how I do my boards for my couples. After getting to know them, I need to put my vision on paper to show them what I envision for their day, SO good old Pinterest but again this can be overwhelming as every picture you see, you will want to pin. That's fine pin away and then narrow it down. I create pins for each element of the day, so one board will be for the attire, another will be for the ceremony, then the cocktail hour, then the breakfast, the stationery, the food, the flowers to decor. Once I have my pins that I feel will represent my couple I will then do a moodboard using Canva (it's great as it's free to use) Each section on my board will be titled with the relevant section of your day. I will then add approx 4 photos from each board and add it to the Canva board - keeping it all in the same theme and colours. This way my couples will have a few ideas and a broader choice. You don't want to just have one pin for, let's say the ceremony otherwise you will be focused on just having that (don't forget, we all want a pinterest wedding but you may not have the budget to do that, so keep it real).

Here are some samples of wedding moodboards, that i like and created using photos from Pinterest. 
Photos are not mine. Here is the link 

Dior Inspo

French Style Inspo

Tip 4: Wedding Venues

Like your theme, the venue has its own feel to it from barns, to fields to a luxury spa hotel, so choosing the right wedding venue needs to be inline with your theme. There is no good having a Boho wedding at a 5 star hotel, where the decor and food will be fine dining and chic interior, for a Boho style wedding you would want to go with a barn or an outdoor venue where you can have a Marquee or a Tipi.

So looking for the right venue will boil down to your theme and remember to keep in budget.

Last but not least Tip 5: Your suppliers

There are so many suppliers out there that also have their own brand. When i plan a wedding i make sure that the suppliers can offer me the right product for my theme for example having a rustic table and benches that sit under an overly sized crystal chandelier or peacock chairs at the Shard, it wont work, it doesn't mix. So choose your supplier that has the right product for your theme.

If you are uncertain where to start when creating a theme for  your day, I have a ‘design your day’ package where I will design your wedding and supply the correct suppliers that matches the theme. 

Well I hope this has helped you think on where to start when it comes to designing your wedding, once you have all these done you're ready to go and get planning, like i said don't forget to stick to your budget.

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