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Savvy Spending for your wedding

Updated: Apr 20

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An average wedding costs about £30,000 in todays world and its easy to get there, so i looked into how you can save and earn when spending money for your wedding day.

There are a lot of options out there where you can earn some points and airmiles. Below i have just put a couple of ideas on how you can do this.

UTILITY SUPPLIER have a look at maybe changing your utility suppliers (if your ready to change). There are a lot of companies out there that will offer you some nice little vouchers to switch your energy supplier or WiFi, this could be a voucher for M & S or Amazon vouchers which can then be used to go towards the little details for your day.

CASHBACK COMPANIES signup to cash back companies, for example top cash back (@top_cashback) they offer cash back every-time u spend via their site. They have some great brands on there from ASOS to Etsy. Please read the companies T & Cs before buying on there site.

BANK ACCOUNT Have a look at opening a new bank account just for your wedding funds. Some banks offer a reward to open an account. Use this account for your wedding funds only, this will also keep track on what you are spending. You could also use this acocunt to pay off your credit card;

CREDIT CARD Another way to earn points could be taking out a 0% interest free credit card. There are a lot of companies that offer points or airmiles everytime you spend which can then be used to pay towards a honeymoon etc.

BUT PLEASE only take a credit card if you can afford to pay it off each month. Put away your wedding savings into the new account and only use this to pay off your monthly amount - do not over spend for example, if you should book your venue and pay the deposit, use your credit card and then transfer the amount from your wedding bank account and pay it off, then the following month do the same....

I had my wedding funds in a separate account and at the the end of the month I would use the money from my wedding bank account and transferred it to my card, so I knew I could pay it off and had the money there to do so. Also remember when paying your suppliers with a credit card it will be covered if the company went bust. Well I hope this helped & gave u some savvy wedding tip ideas. We do not recommend anyone to take any advise if you feel you can follow it. If you cant afford it don’t do it. These are only suggestions. . #weddingtips #weddingplanner #weddingplanning #engaged #couples #weddingfund #weddingtrends #hiresocieties #honeymoon #weddingmood #savvy #bridestobe #2021bride #gettingmarried #groomstobe #savemoney #weddingideas #tuesdaytip


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