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Rein & Shine: An Equine Inspired Bridal Shoot

We are all dying to get outside and socialise, feel the fresh air on our face, play around and just enjoy.

Katherine from The Wedding Industry PA, sent over a beautiful shoot that she and an amazing team put together. Its such a fresh theme with the jewel coloured flowers and fruit, that i could not, not post it. As soon as i saw the photos it just bought a feeling of calmness and tranquillity, weird I know but looking at all the details from the gorgeous emerald ring from Custom & Co Jewellers.

The mixed rich fruit layered between each sponge, looks so 'yummy' that i could sit here and eat it now and the flowers from Velvet Broon Flowers completed the table. The velvet and Tweed jackets are absolutely beautiful which obviously is a perfect fit for their 'country' tale.

What I really loved about their shoot, was how they a bright colour theme which would be fab for your evening glamorous breakfast and a natural feel that would be perfect for the day time.

Oh and the horse, who does not LOVE a horse and a flower garland - OMG

The words from these amazing suppliers. Their thoughts on the their shoot.

The shoot tells the luxurious, quintessentially ‘country’ tale of a down to earth girl on her big day, heading into marriage with the love of her life...and her first love, her pony, right beside her! Our romantic daydreamer’s equine Prince Frankie is only too happy to assist in the nuptial proceedings.

Shoot stylist and florist Lesley, of Velvet Broon Flowers, added a dash of humour and a heap of colour to this shoot. It’s inspired heavily by her life, family and personality. We showcased a variety of dresses with stylish country-woman’s jackets and accessories; perfect for the practical, fashion-conscious bride. We caught the bride unaware in many shots for a down-to-earth, candid feeling - we were present in intimate moments between posed shots. Overarchingly, this wedding day is a fun one! There is nothing stuffy or traditional about this celebration.

We used four unique dresses to create looks which are achievable by today’s rural romantic bride. The Adoria dress by the Farnham Bridal Boutique was styled with a decadent velvet jacket and bare feet, contrasting the luxury with the humble - a concept borrowed from florist Lesley’s own business, Velvet Broon. The delicate feminine detail is alluringly at odds with our bride’s attempts to hop the fence in her finery! Also from the Farnham Bridal Boutique is the more fitted Primrose dress in delicate purple, which worked so well with the abundance of colours surrounding our bride on her perch on the swing seat at the old tree. A striking alternative to the classic bridal white or ivory, we next opted for a bright raspberry dress (Needle & Thread London) for our bold bride, and finally a classic fishtail set off in style by a feathered country hat and tweed jacket - it looked simply divine draped across the back of our bride’s pony!

Velvet Broon’s carefully selected seasonal, locally sourced flowers celebrate owner Lesley’s passion for colour and form; the arrangements are bursting with personality, including thistles as a nod to Lesley’s Scottish heritage and romantic roses like the ones in Lesley’s grandmother’s garden. This showcases the florist’s passion for making wedding flowers truly personal and unique in every detail. The blooms are diverse and exciting in colour, shape and texture; dahlias, scabious and hydrangeas as well as Virginia creeper for depth, and orlaya for a lacy, bridal touch. As with every detail of this shoot, no element was added by accident. Natural, earthy ferns and grasses mix alongside striking zinnias and chrysanthemums, continuing the theme of luxurious yet down-to-earth.

Gorgeous vintage furniture was provided by the Little Wedding Warehouse, including the stunning velvet rococo sofa - it’s one of their most popular pieces, providing a relaxed seating area for wedding guests. The olive green velvet sofa also worked well with the country theme, and our equine and canine guests also enjoyed it. The tablescape was built atop a reclaimed wood table, and the busy opulence reflects aspects of Lesley’s life. Small, thoughtful touches are her speciality and in this table setting there were many nods to faraway family; Turkish delight and crystallised fruit in homage to Granda and Grandma, and rum truffles and chocolate gingers for Mum & Dad. Our grounded, family- orientated bride values attention to detail surrounded by decadence.

The shoot was curated to Velvet Broon’s specifications by Katherine Howe (now The Wedding Industry PA), both of whom are lovers of country and rural occasions and horse-mad to boot! Likewise was photographer Katie Mortimore who is an equine and wedding photographer - her favourite type of session is an equine cherish the dress shoot!

Details were all-important in this shoot - hair and makeup artist Sarah Windsor created two different looks for our bride, and we incorporated a stunning jewelled crown handmade by Love2Sparkle. Our bride’s striking emerald engagement ring from Custom & Co Jewellery sparkled against pony Frankie’s nose, and glittered among the decadence of our grazing table.

Our bride, model and horse-lover Chrissie, took a ride round on Frankie before saying her I-dos and her adventurous side shone through with a barefoot trot through the decorated trees. Embracing her wild side, she also climbed a tree for some beautiful, natural shots featuring chic bouquets. Our bride, and our shoot, are full of humour, adventure and personality! We wanted this to shine through and show that your wedding day should be full of everything YOU.

Venue: West End Flower Farm

Insta: @westendflowerfarm

Photographer: Katie Mortimore Photography

Insta: @katie_mortimore_photog

Facebook: Katie Mortimore Photography


Shoot Planner: The Wedding Industry PA

Insta: @theweddingindustry_pa

Facebook: The Wedding Industry PA

Website: coming soon

Florist/Concept: Velvet Broon Flowers

Insta: @velvetbroonflowers


Gowns: The Farnham Bridal Boutique

Insta: @thefarnhamboutiquebridal

Facebook: The Farnham Boutique


Model: Chrissie Sunderland

Insta: @chrissiesunderland

Jewellery: Custom & Co Jewellery

Insta: @customandcojewellery Facebook: Custom and Co. Jewellery Website:

Accessories: Love2Sparkle

Insta: @love2sparkleuk

Facebook: Love2Sparkle


MUA & Hair: Sarah Windsor HMUA

Insta: @sarahwindsormua

Facebook: Sarah Windsor Make-Up Artist


Furniture: The Little Wedding Warehouse

Insta: @thelittleweddingwarehouse

Facebook: The Little Wedding Warehouse


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