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Planning your wedding through Covid 19.

Not sure what you want to do

Oh my god so this was your YEAR to get married, to marry your soul mate, you planned and planned and planned for this day to arrive and then SHATTER its broken, your day has been taken away from you. Your heart, mind and stomach is just distraught - IM SORRY. As a wedding planner i can't say that i know what you are going through as i am not getting married but i can feel your pain and go through it with you.

Unfortunately we are at a position where we have to either make a leap and postpone it for 2021 or carry on and hope that things will be OK soon.

In the meantime i have put together a view wedding planning tips to get you through it and hopefully help you plan your covid 19 wedding.

Postponing / Cancelling

If you have already booked and paid for your wedding, I would firstly recommend that you do not cancel but postpone the wedding. The reason being is a number of reasons.

1: you will not lose any money - if you cancel your wedding, you may lose your deposit depending on how far you are to the date.

2: Cancellation of your wedding can hurt the wedding industry

3: Your insurance may not cover covid 19

4: There is no need to cancel as at some stage you will marry your partner

Considering to go ahead still but with the limited numbers

If you are still looking to go ahead then consider having your two households that you're allowed in your home to be at your wedding. So for example have both parents from either side (if they can) and have then 6 people that you want there too. This way you can then have a garden party at home after -taking precautions, for example having your hand sanitisers dotted around and detol spray in the toilet areas so your guests can spray the toilet before and after.

You could also contact your catering company and ask them what provisions have they taken for health and safety and suggest that they make up some individual hampers for each guest.

If you are thinking of going down this route then you would need to contact your suppliers and see if they would consider supplying you with their service at home. Using a wedding planner can help you here, as i would be able to make sure everyone has been vetted and products have been cleaned before they enter the house.

Contact your guests and explain to them what you have decided to do, they will be fine. Remember we are all going through this together. If you have guests that had accommodation booked and paid for, contact the companies and see if they can offer a refund or at least a percentage back.

Speak to your suppliers for a date next year and hold your reception next year and have your intimate wedding this year.

If you are still holding out and waiting

If you are considering waiting for answers for 2020, I would advise you on getting a back up plan with all your suppliers. You don't want to have to plan it and not get a date for next year. Speak to all the suppliers involved and pre-book a date, hopefully your suppliers will be okay with this, they should be. They may give you a timeline to do it in, as they will be having a lot enquiries with paid couples ready to book. So consider a weekday to pre-book.

Postponing your wedding to 2021

SO you have decided to go ahead and postpone - better safe than sorry is some couples views.

If you have decided to do this then you need to be VERY flexible with the dates and remember that if you choose a weekend when you hadn't before your price may go up.

Contact your guests to let them know the new date, some may not now be able to make it but if you have a date set with suppliers then keep it - next year is going to be busy busy….

If you have paid your wedding in full for 2020 then there is a silver lining, it means you can save for an amazing honeymoon.

When contacting your suppliers for next year consider asking them a couple of questions about your deposits. Will the deposit be transferred to the new 2021 date, will there be any additional fees?

I would also advise to have a back up plan for next year too, have your guest list for 50 and under. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but this is not something that will come and go, this may be a recurring issue and if they haven't found a vaccine or antibiotics next year we could go through this again. Fingers crossed we won't and there will be a track and trace app in line ready for your wedding.


So this may not be one of my nicest blogs but we all have to be realistic and plan. Again this is why we stress to have a wedding planner be involved in planning your day, we know the industry and will make it so much easier for you to enjoy your engagement.

If you are feeling anxious about it then i would advise you to sit day take a breather and write a list of every issue you have with a reason next to it and then in a column next to each item write a positive outcome that you feel you can do. Tick each item once you have done it.

Well i hope this kind of helped you on planning and if not i have a number of wedding planning packages including micro wedding packages.

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