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Mixing up your ceremony

Updated: Jan 21

There’s nothing more amazing than planning a celebration for couples who have found their soulmate. This photo shoot incorporated an unconventional ceremony ritual which was centred around a cocktail set at a beautiful new wedding venue called Greentrees Estate in the heart of Sussex. 

For the ceremony ritual, Nikki, from Perfect Words Ceremonies, created a cocktail reading that incorporated Greg and Wes’s favourite drink: a Mojito. A riff on a unity sand ceremony, instead of combining sand, cocktail ingredients are mixed together. The celebrant explained the ritual as follows:

“Greg and Wes have chosen to include a cocktail unity ceremony today. The blending of the ingredients represents their union, not only of them but also you, their families and friends. Being the amazing team they are, they will now work together to build a classic Mojito, a drink that has stood the tests of time, as will Greg and Wes’s love for each other in the years to come.”

The cocktail was then mixed with the celebrant explaining the symbolism of each ingredient as it was added: 

“So Greg and Wes, your Mojito represents the support from your friends and family, the strength you have together to overcome life’s rough moments and the joy and happiness you will find in the smooth, sweet moments in your lives and also the sparkle of excitement you have between you which will ensure your marriage will be full of fun and joy.”

Alfresco Dining

Adding a little European breakfast, added an elegant finish to the day . A long table was set up under disco balls and crystal chandeliers. A simple pretty with a hint of masculinity, pastel colour palette of lilac and silver. Pretty dessert sticks and tasty treats engraved with the grooms’ names from Savanna Fei Couture Cakes lay awaiting guests on each place setting.


Planner/Concept/Stylist & Florist: Hire Societies Photographer: Kelsie Scully Photography

Venue: Greentrees Estate

Event Hire: To Have & To Hire

Crockery/Table & Chairs: Crystal Hire

Suits: Gresham Blake

Stationery: Rebecca Richards Designs

Assistant Stylist: Lucy Wells Weddings

Cakes: Savanna Fei Couture Cakes

Cocktails: The Cocktail Connoisseurs

Celebrant: Perfect Word Ceremonies by Nikki Wood

Rings: L Guess Jewellers

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