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As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, 2020 weddings have been written off pretty much, I have also mentioned that I am a huge believer on moving forward, which is why I am now going to share my thoughts and [plans for the future – MICRO WEDDINGS.

As a planner I love the idea of having lots to do and making it all come together as planned, all those finer details and RSVP’S – LOVE IT but I have completely fallen in love with the new trend of micro weddings.

Planning a micro wedding is so much more intimate and gives you the freedom to design even more details for your theme. For me planning a wedding for over 250 people is not difficult, so planning a wedding for less than 50 is amazing a breeze. For a planner it gives you the freedom to concentrate on those finer details, not saying that I don’t on a larger wedding but having a small wedding to plan is a breath of fresh air. Just looking after a few tables and suppliers is much easier than looking after 25 tables – for me it’s more personal.

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So what is a micro wedding, well a micro wedding is where you would have no more than 40 guests (approx.) which gives you the freedom to have your wedding day at some beautiful hidden cosy venues. Like Newton Hall – Alnwick, Northumberland. Here are some more intimate venues that I have found on Hitched’s website https://www.hitched.co.uk/wedding-planning/ceremony-and-reception/small-intimate-wedding-venues/

Having a micro wedding will obviously help if you are on a budget, but for me it’s so much more, I feel it offers so much more detail to your day.

There isn’t much different to a micro wedding and a traditional wedding, everything is still organised the same but you may have some differences, for example relaxing on the cake cutting and first dance, but this is down to your personal choice. A micro wedding is more relaxed which gives you the time to just enjoy and spend more time with your guests – it will be like having party at home with your close friends and family, so make sure you choose the ‘must haves’.

Wedding décor can be more detailed and make that table stand out and stunning, with maximalist décor coming a trend now, it’s a perfect time to add it to your micro wedding décor (a table full of flowers and décor).

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So with the Covid 19, no one knows where we will be with social distancing for weddings, so having a micro wedding is perfect for it. I offer a number of planning packages to make your day beautiful so you can concentrate on you, your partner and guests.

Photo by Meg McAdam Photography.Flowers and planning Hire Societies.

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