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LGBTQ Wedding Workshop

Love For All LGBTQ+ Wedding Workshop

BY Love for All Wedding Workshop

It’s not hard to see that the Wedding Industry is extremely hetronormative, with straight couples showcased on all media as well as language on websites or contracts.

After working together on an LGTBQ+ styled shoot early this year, Steph & Tania met and slowly started talking more and more about the lack of representation for LGBTQ+ people and what we could do to help.

Fast forward one lock down later and lots of planning, “Love For All” started. A specific LGBTQ+ Wedding workshop, focusing on both educational seminars and styled shoot section. Allowing participants to both learn and be more knowledgeable and the LGBTQ+ community and capture stunning content for portfolios too.

Although the whole day is focused for photographers & videographers, the seminars are also great for every supplier within the industry. Learning about language, imagery shared, social media sharing and website forms and contracts.

For the first shop we had two gorgeous real couples onboard, both of which were planning their own Wedding, meaning they’ve been involved personally too.

It was really important to have a space where people could ask questions openly, with honest answers and without any judgement. Being worried about what to ask or how to do things is something that seems to be an issue with any minority group, meaning people just don’t ask or don’t do. This then means that LGBTQ+ models aren’t asked for, content isn’t created around them or forms and websites aren’t changed. Educating yourself and doing something is so important, we may get things wrong, and we are all still learning.

As well as Steph and Robynne sharing information and shared lived experiences from being within the community and the Wedding industry, Lisa Vine also did a great talk on social media and how to share best. This focused particularly on hashtags to use and best wording for captions.

The styled shoot captures the two gorgeous couples.

Marthe & Tash

had an “Alternative Glam” set up, with muted and large florals, all metallic mixed together- particularly shown in the awesome fringe backdrop and alternative Wedding outfits. Add some Doc Martens, personalised jackets and amazing cake!

Our LGBTQ+ Friendly suppliers that were involved for this shoot:

Alternative Glam

Concept & Head Photographer & Photos by @stephaniedreamsphotography

Props @tohaveandtohire_weddings


Stylist/planner @hiresocieties

Couple @_breakingthedistance

Dresses @dandelionsandpearls

Veil @rebeccaannedesigns

Stationery @amyverse

Cake @cakegallerylondon

Hair @occasionhairbymegan

Venue @brightonharbourhotel

Workshops @loveforall_lgbtq

Jackets @bewilderly

Greg & Wes

had a ‘Modern Mid Century’ setup, we wanted to do something completely different and do something that represented the couples home decor but also to offer the attendees something that was out of the norm to shoot.

The large fresh foliage backdrop was made up of a mixture of foliage, flowers and drapes, using mid century warm autumn tones and then using some simple white lampshades that hung in front of the foliage wall. The table was set up very simple using some side arrangements and mid century vases on it.

Modern Mid Century LGBTQ+ Friendly suppliers

Concept/stylist / flowers @hiresocieties

Head Photographer & Photos by @stephaniedreamsphotography

Workshop @loveforall_lgbtq

Couple @agayadventure

Florist/assistant stylist @thebloominatiflorist

Stationery @paper_swan_stationery

Cake @kasserina

Vase @retrogreenco

Suits @greshamblake

Venue @brightonharbourhotel

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