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How to plan a micro wedding

had recently written a blog a couple of months back regarding 2021 wedding trends and had stated that Micro weddings will be a HUGE trend for next year.

I love the idea of having a small intimate wedding for no more than 30 people, it means that when i plan your wedding i can really really concentrate on those micro details and you can concentrate on enjoying your day.

I have put together just a few tips on how to plan a micro wedding.

I know some of you will be thinking on the negative side and that you want everyone there to share your day, but i tell all my couples that there is a silver lining;

  • You have paid your 2020 wedding in full which means that you can now save and have an amazing bigger honeymoon in 2021 as you wont need to worry about paying for the wedding.

  • You can prolong your wedding by splitting your time between guests. Have your original day with ‘Group A Guests’, these will be your A TEAM -The ones that are a MUST, then select a B TEAM and a C TEAM and have them on different days. So you will get a three day celebration. This doesn't mean that you have three days of walking down the aisle, just the first day and the other days it's more of a party or you can have a big breakfast next year and just have a small micro wedding this year.

Write down your full guest lists, depending on how many you have split them in 30’s, you will then want to consider who goes into what group, who do you really want to be there and so on. This is going to be the hardest part but your guests will understand. Consider getting rid of plus ones - you don't know them so you don't need them there.

  • If you have only just got engaged this year, then this is a great time for you. I would suggest getting married at a registry office and then plan a beautiful wedding outside in a desired place and have a celebrant come and do your readings.

  • If you have had your wedding planned for 2020, then obviously this maybe a little difficult for you, my advice would be to speak to your venue and see if you would be able to have a celebration over a few days and ideally the cost then could be split up over those days - i can't say the wedding venues will allow but its a suggestion for your wedding in 2021.

  • At this point you can get married at a place of worship or a registry office and not in a venue, so i would suggest having your closest of families there and then having your support bubbles return back to your home or once the restriction have been lifted, you could go to an outdoor venue and hire outdoor entertainment and just enjoy with the closest family and friends, then next year you can maybe consider having a larger party for everyone.

  • Sanitisers - I would advise you to have a cleaning station for your guests to sanitise their hands when they come into the event, have a cleaning spray for the toilets and ask each guest to spray the toilet, sinks and handles before and after use.

  • Drinking glasses - You could supply everyone with their own glass with their names on them and these would be the glasses they are only allowed to use and touch or go disposable.

  • Catering - There would be so much i feel you can have on your day for food, hog roast, BYO Picnic, supply each guest with a personal hamper or even a BBQ.

  • Welcoming packs -If you decide to go the BBQ route maybe welcome your guests with a pack with their own personal crockery (plates, knife and forks etc) this way they can handle their own plates.

  • Decor - Food and drinks take a chuck of your budget, but no what you have bought that costs down consider splashing out on some amazing decor and flowers. There would be so much you can do especially with flowers, think flowers crawling up trees, floral chandeliers from tree to tree. Oh so much you can do.

  • Consider hiring a wedding planner - Micro weddings can still be stressful so having a wedding planner to plan your day can take the stress away, they also can concentrate on the details that you may not see or realise that you need to do.

There is still lots to go into planning a small wedding but its something that i love to do. I offer a number of wedding planning packages and planning a micro wedding. I can really show you a creative side.

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