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Choosing your wedding dress

It has to be one of the most exciting times for any #nearlyweds/#brides to go dress shopping, thats if you decide to wear a dress, it may not be you or for your gender, either way someone out there will be trying on dresses for their big day, wither you are a cis bride to be, lesbian bride to be, a #gride or #nonbinary you have the choice to decide what to wear.

This blog is for anyone who wishes to wear a #weddingdress for their day.

It can be so overwhelming and sometime nerve racking when it comes to choosing your wedding dress, not knowing where to start, what to ask, what under garments to wear to who to take with you. Well I will try and assist and answer some of those questions for you.

What kind of dress/attire shall i go for?

There are so many dresses out there in so many styles and textures from ballgowns, mermaid, two pieces so many. You need to work out what is your style, what you would wear, for example if you are Non Binary you may decide to wear a skirt and a suit top or visa versa. I would sit down and have a look a few option (if you are not sure), if you know what you want just wait - trust me. Be open minded.

Which wedding boutique shall i go to

Each boutique has their own style and there are a lot of different shops that cater for all styles and if you cant find one, then head to a bespoke boutique where they will created it for you, your way.

What do i wear to try on dresses

I and many other #weddingplanners will tell you to wear nude underwear along with a strapless bra - if you need one.

What dresses should i try on?

As mentioned before be open minded, you may have something in mind, but that may not be you. I would suggest trying on different styles. Your boutique consultant will guide you and be honest and remember to sit down in your dress, you need to be able to sit and eat.

I am part of the LGBT community, what could i wear for my day.

This is so up to you, its your day your way. DONT wear something just because its tradition - this is not you. Why the hell would wear something that does not represent you, your gender. We have lots of genders in our world and each of you, should deserve to wear something that you want, so if you are a #Broom, #Gride, #Nearlywed, #Mxtobe please wear what is you.

If you are a Broom wear that suit, if you are a Gride wear that dress, wear both, mix and match play with it. Have fun.

When do i start looking for my wedding dress

At least 9 months before, dresses can take at least minimum 9 months to order and make and then you have the fittings too.

Who shall i take to look for my wedding dress

Have you heard of the saying ' to many cooks spoil the broth' Well to many friends/relatives can defiantly spoil it for you. Everyone has their own opinion on what you should wear, so i would suggest taking your most closest relative, your Best person/Person of honour, Best man or Maid of honour and your wedding planner. The three people that will be completely honest with you - but set house rules, remind them that its you that wearing it not them.

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