Choosing the best wedding venue

So the question has been popped and you said yes…so exciting but then you realise you’re not sure where to start, well in this blog, I will be discussing what to consider doing once you have said YES!


Securing the right venue for your big day, is a huge deal it’s not something you can just drop a pin and say that’s the one…. Its needs to suit you and you will know the venue is correct as soon as you walk in to it, you can just feel it. So below I have listed a few points that you would need to look at before you book your venue.

This is the perfect time to spend time and research your venue

Choosing the venue that’s you

There are so many different venues out there that will suit someone, from stunning DIY barn venues like the beautiful Yoghurt Rooms based in Sussex, modern chic venues like the breath-taking Botleys Mansion in Surrey , the exclusive Bailiffscourt Hotel & Spa which has its own Heli pad to the gorgeous grand Vineyard with an exceptional restaurant Leonardslee Gardens based in Sussex.

I would advise that you sit down with your partner and short list each venue that you like and that ticks your boxes, set your budget and then book an appointment to view.

You want to walk into the venue and feel overwhelmed with excitement - so go visit and if need be visit twice.

Size of the venue & guests

As I mentioned above there are so many different wedding venues that you can choose from and there so many different sized venues too. So when you’re looking for the right one, think about the size….size does matter in this case ladies and gents J

You don’t want to book a venue that could hold 300 people and you only have 80 guests, you will look lost, so look at venues that suits you and your guest list.

Think about how many guests are going to travel and if they would need accommodation, you would not want them to travel far after having a fab day. It may be an idea to offer your guests a pre wedding and post wedding day to start your wedding off. It would be lovely to have your guests meet the day before for some fun activities or meet up the day after your wedding for some lunch, see if the venue can accommodate this.


Budget is obviously a huge consideration and is something you need to stick too, believe me if you have not done your homework and you walk into a venue, fall in love with it and then SLAP… the cost is way out of your budget. So consider again the size, the day of the week, also check what is included in the price as there may be extra charges that have not been mentioned. You need to find out exactly what you’re getting for your day.

Thinking of hiring a wedding planner

Depending on your venue and budget, it may be an idea to consider hiring a wedding planner that can assist you in making your day beautiful and run smoothly. Hiring a wedding planner can eliminate not just the stress but can also help you avoid expensive mistakes, know the right suppliers and even help with family feuds.

A lot of venues do come with an onsite planner, but they normally come with the package and only really work with in their own venue, where having a wedding planner will be able to book and attend appointments with you, negotiate pricing, do schedules, RSVP's and find the right accommodation for your guests, obviously that’s not all we do, we approximately work an average of 300 hours on a wedding.

Well I hope the above info has given you some idea what to look for in your venue hunting….Happy planning ladies and gents.

Below venues and photographers from left to right:

Leonardslee Gardens by Ioana Porav Weddings. Bailiffscourt Hotel and Spa by Megan McAdam Photography. Nutbourne Vineyard (suppliers wine for weddings & events) Photo by Megan McAdam Photography, flowers by me and last the courtyard at Bailiffscourt by Megan.

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