5 tips for planning the perfect micro-wedding this summer

In this article, Tony Gallacher, Head of Jewellery Retail at Ramsdens Jewellery, shares his tips for planning the perfect micro-wedding.

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So, you've either bought or received an engagement ring, and you've started to plan your wedding. Congratulations! The next step is to consider what kind of day you want — a large ceremony, or a micro-wedding.

A micro-wedding is generally considered to be any wedding with fewer than 50 guests. They're all the rage at the moment, with social distancing and restrictions on large gatherings impeding people's best laid plans. But micro-weddings have been increasing in popularity in recent years, even before the pandemic, as brides are starting to favour more personalised, intimate approaches to typical weddings. Plus, famous figures such as Ariana Grande and Boris Johnson have been jumping on the trend. You can pull off a far cosier evening with fewer guests, but for brides who want the very best, there are other benefits to micro-weddings too. For example, you can spend more of your budget on providing the ultimate in luxury for a few select people, resulting in a more exclusive experience. If a small guest list is on the cards for you, below I'll share five great tips for elevating your micro-wedding.

Choose the right venue

Perhaps the hardest part of wedding planning is finding the perfect venue. You have to consider your budget and expectations, plus the availability of the venue on your chosen day. Fortunately, with a micro-wedding, you'll often find that your dream venue can accommodate you for a smaller fee, and maybe even offer more dates than if you were to hire out the whole place. In addition, you'll have a wider scope of venues to consider too — anywhere that supports functions and parties can be

turned into a wedding venue with the right wedding planner! So, you could try looking at your favourite restaurants, bars, private gardens, and landmarks as potential wedding venues. Pick a theme You no doubt already have a concept in mind for your wedding, whether that's a theme or a simple colour scheme. But with a smaller wedding, you can really personalise your experience and create something special for yourself and your loved ones to enjoy. You tend to have much more autonomy over a smaller wedding, so no matter what you have in mind, you and your planner will be sure to pull off something extraordinary. If you're stuck for ideas, smaller weddings better befit more whimsical themes such as Alice in Wonderland-style tea or garden parties, or you could lean towards the bohemian festival concept if you're a more alternative bride.

Focus on food

As a smaller wedding party, you have a few more options for food than if you were planning a large catered event. For example, you can choose to have an artisan feast with a few high-quality ingredients, such as cheeses, meats, fruit, and home-baked breads. With this charcuterie-platter style approach, everyone is encouraged to share and socialise, which makes for a cosier evening. Alternatively, you can really wow your guests by splashing out on a higher quality caterer than you may have been able to afford, if you'd had a bigger guest list.

Make magical moments

One of the key reasons why people choose micro-weddings is because they get to spend more time celebrating with their loved ones, rather than spreading themselves too thinly attending to hundreds of guests. With fewer people, you could ask your planner to organise special activities or entertainment that would be otherwise impossible to pull off with a bigger crowd. A dessert or cocktail making class will teach everybody a new skill, while something creative like a life drawing lesson means they have something to take home with them after your wedding, that they have made, as a memento.

Add a personal touch

Many brides like to buy gifts for their bridal party to say thank you for all their love and support they've given in the run up to the wedding. These are usually a type of jewellery that can be treasured for a long time, such as bracelets, or pendants.

Having fewer guests ensures that everyone in attendance can get the attention from you they deserve, so you could consider buying a treat for every guest to remember your wedding by. For example, you could look for charms made from semi-precious gemstones in a colour that matches the theme of your wedding. Whatever you choose, matching gifts will really add to the sense of community and family that your micro-wedding encourages.

Micro-weddings are a fantastic option for anybody seeking to make special memories with their nearest and dearest. The tips in this guide can help you come up with your own personalised, intimate wedding day. Remember: your wedding planner or organiser will be able to liaise with caterers, suppliers, and entertainers, as well as provide the support, organisation, and assistance you require to pull off special event like this. So, you'll be free to focus on your friends and family without stress or worry.

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