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LGBTQ+ Wedding workshop


We’ve all heard of LGBTQ+ but do you actually know what it means, what it stands for and how to be inclusive to this community?

Being LGBTQ+ friendly is more than just shooting a gay Wedding or having a friend that’s in the community.

The Wedding industry is widely hetronormative, from the images we see to the language within forms we fill out. This workshop is here to help you educate yourself and go further for this community.

Stephanie, Robynne and Tania have worked together and also formed a fabulous friendship and together we are conquering the industry with LGBTQ+ love. 


About US




We’re Steph, Robynne & Tania. Together we’re super excited to be hosting our first LGBTQ+ Wedding workshop. 

Tania from Hire Societies offers creative modern wedding planning and lushust flowers. And a HUGE ally for the LGBTQ+ community.

As a qualified wedding planner, with over a decade of experience. Tania offers creative modern styles not just in the planning but floral too. She is a mum to a sporty child, a wife to a man who likes cars, has two frenchies and  loves Nandos. 

Steph is a Wedding photographer and ½ of a real LGBTQ+ that offers modelling for styled shoots. As a late life lesbian her perception of the Wedding industry has changed, and her focus and passion is showcasing all loves within a very hetronormative industry.

She’s got two crazy spaniels, Sev & Lily. Loves being outside, although lives in PJ’s whenever possible.

Steph loves capturing couples and Weddings, being able to collect the memories from such an awesome day and have them to remember for always. Always wanting to make Weddings as fun and laid back as possible and stay away from “traditions” 

Robynne is the other half of the modelling couple, as well as a trainee teacher and amazing musician. She drinks too much tea, has a cat called Lundy & has been part of the LGBTQ+ community for a long time. 


Together we decided to form Love for All, LGBTQ+ Wedding Workshop and this is where your journey will begin!

We are creating an amazing educational,  fun workshop for photographers and suppliers  that want to have diversity in their portfolio. We will have 2 setups with 2 real LGBTQ+ couples in an LGBTQ+ Friendly Venue.

This workshop is for all suppliers, not just photographers, that want to learn, understand and educate themselves. 


The workshop will include:


    • Content Creating: With 2 real LGBTQ+ couples in two different setups, led by Steph

    • Setup:  2 gorgeous setups, designed by Hire Societies & Stephanie Dreams Photography

    • Language Guide: Educating yourself and being fully LGBTQ+ friendly starts here.

    • Education - We will have some fantastic speakers who will educate us all, with positive and negative approaches to LGBTQ in the wedding industry.

    • Food: You will receive a tasty lunch and refreshments, so you don't go hungry


Who is this for?

We’re aiming the full day at photographers & videographers. This is a great opportunity for content and your portfolio building, with amazing setups and stunning couples. If you would like to showcase LGBTQ+ authentically this is a great way to do it. 

Being there for the whole day also means educating yourself and doing your bit to make sure you are truly inclusive with the seminars and talks.

The day will start with our information and educational guides and talks. This section of the day is open to any Wedding supplier, not just photographers and videographers. It will include different seminars and Q&A’s too.

The Seminar morning is however aimed at all wedding suppliers. It's so important that everything from your social media, website and you in person are able to be inclusive and diverse. Our talks and Q&A will help you learn & understand.


This event will be totally open to asking (respectively) questions & for you to get the most of it.


The second half of the day will be focused for the photographers and videographers, being able to capture content with stunning set up, gorgeous couples. This will be led by Stephanie Dreams Photography, and will also be a very open time to talk about posing and making the couple feel comfortable.


We will have a limited amount of spaces available for this amazing workshop, along with lunch (covid 19 Free), coffee and lots of creativity for only £275 (£120 non refundable Booking fee required) the outstanding to be paid 2 weeks prior.  

Other Suppliers - If you would love  to join, we are going to hold the  seminar on Zoom so you wont miss out (Suppliers Only) This will be a cost of £30

10% of the profits will be going to an LGBTQ+ charity

Moodboards and relevant information will be provided once full payment has been made The workshop will start from 10am and finish at 17.00 approximately.


                   Please join us by clicking on the Join Us button and let us know you would like to book your space.   

Tel:07775 731478


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